Bahrami convicted on drugs charges in Netherlands

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Zahra Bahrami, the Dutch-Iranian woman who was hanged in Iran on Saturday for drug trafficking and the possession of drugs had also been convicted on drug charges in the Netherlands.

The Dutch current affairs TV programme Nieuws reported on Monday night that documents in its possession show that Bahrami was sentenced to three years for attempting to smuggle 16 kilos of cocaine from the Caribbean to the Netherlands. In 2007, she was convicted for forging a passport.

In the programme, Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal said that the new information does not cast a different light on the case. He said Zahra Bahrami's trial in Iran was a farce.

The Iranian ambassador to the Netherlands said that Iran was aware of her previous convictions in the Netherlands. He argued that she was arrested for a drug-related offence and for forging passports, not for attending a demonstration in Iran.


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  • Glenn posted:

    on 1st February 2011, 16:19:23 - Reply

    Amanda: All I want is that The Netherlands eliminate the scourge of drugs. If you think getting loaded on drugs is just fine, that it's no big deal, then you strike me as the one who is uneducated. Drugs do NOTHING to benefit society, any society; they are a scourge. It's a shame, a true shame, that a ruthless, despotic, scumbag of a country like Iran at least has enough sense to punish those who deal in drugs. Holland is one of the most enlightened nations in the world but totally wrong when it comes to drugs.
  • amanda posted:

    on 1st February 2011, 14:00:21 - Reply

    @ Glenn
    you come across to me has a uneducated moron.....ever thought of Iran?
  • Glenn posted:

    on 1st February 2011, 11:37:31 - Reply

    If Holland had executed her here on her drug conviction then all this mess with Iran wouldn't be happening. Bring on the death penalty for those using or dealing in marijuana, cocaine and heroin.