Baby killer jailed for 12 years

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A young Dutch woman who killed four of her own children at birth has been sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment at a court in the city of Leeuwarden.

Between 2003 and 2009, the 26-year-old woman from a small village in Friesland suffocated the infants – three girls and one boy – immediately after giving birth to them. She kept their bodies in suitcases in the attic of her parents’ home.

The woman was charged with child manslaughter for the first killing and infanticide in the subsequent three cases. Imposing the 12-year sentence, the court said the case was so serious and shocking that it warranted the maximum penalty.

In all cases, the woman gave birth in her own bedroom without anyone knowing she was pregnant. Since she refused to cooperate with a psychological assessment, the court ruled that she was fully responsible for her own actions. Her lawyer says she plans to appeal the decision.


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  • Jaye posted:

    on 4th May 2011, 11:55:46 - Reply

    Twelve years imprisonment is the maximum penalty for the murder of four infants! I would suggest 3 bowls of minimum nutritional slop a day for the rest of her life in a cheap prison cubbyhole with the sound of giggling babies 24/7.