Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Submission II is too risky

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali says she will not make sequels to her controversial 2004 film , an attack on the treatment of Muslim women. In an interview for Dutch TV, the former Dutch politician said the risk to the crew and cast would be too great.

The script for is finished and a third part was planned, Ms Hirsi Ali says, but it would be too difficult to guarantee anonymity for producers or actors.

criticised alleged violence against women in Islam, and featured images of women’s bodies painted with verses from the Qur’an. After the film was aired on Dutch TV, its director Theo van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim extremist. The filmmaker and broadcaster was an outspoken critic of Islam. He had been open about his role in collaborating with Ms Hirsi Ali on Submission, which some Muslims criticised as blasphemous.

Fanatics Submission II was to have tackled the oppression of homosexuals in Islam. In part three God would have been portrayed speaking directly.

Although Ms Hirsi Ali says she feels too great a sense of responsibility to go ahead with the sequels, she denies her decision was based on fear. Creating a climate of fear was precisely the aim of Muslim fanatics who reject any criticism of Islam, she says.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali now lives in the United States, where she works for the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. She was elected as an MP for the free-market liberal VVD in 2003, having switched to the right from the Labour Party. As a feminist Islam critic she argued that Dutch politics had ignored the oppression of Muslim women.

In 2006 the then immigration minister withdrew the Somali-born politician’s Dutch citizenship because she had given a false name during her asylum application. The row led to the fall of the government.

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  • JR Bailey posted:

    on 6th January 2011, 22:16:43 - Reply

    "..criticised alleged violence against women in Islam..."

    You're kidding us, right?

    There is NOT 'alleged' violence against Muslim women, the overwhelming evidence PROVES that horrific acts of violence against Muslim women by Muslim men is a FACT!

    Muslim men regularly beat their wives, there's even a 'how to' video about it!
    Muslim men cut off the noses of Muslim women and do so without retribution.
    Muslim men rape both Muslim women and Christian women and do so because under Sharia, 4 MALE witnesses must testify to having seen the rape in progress.

    Islam is NOT compatible with Western ideals of individual freedom and that is not going to change.

    Here are a few links to articles that prove this point:





  • ays posted:

    on 6th January 2011, 14:35:33 - Reply

    I don't see how something that doesn't happen is news...
  • Dara posted:

    on 6th January 2011, 13:05:24 - Reply

    This is such a badly written article and I'm surprised that Expatica is running it--what's with all the typos and incomplete sentences? It looks like your system ate necessary information.

    Also, phrases like "As a feminist Islam critic" are just bad English--in fact, sounds like Denglish. Correct English is, "a feminist who is critical of Islam" as a critic usually discusses plays or movies....

    This could have been interesting had the article been twice as long and gone into greater depth about her reasons not to make the film. Or has working for a conservative think-tank influenced her views? I expect a little bit more from Expatica and hope you'll strive for accuracy as well as something relevant.