Asylum minister to review case of Afghan family

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Immigration and Asylum Minister Gerd Leers has agreed to review the case of an Afghan family facing possible deportation. The whole opposition asked the minister by letter to use his powers to allow the family to remain in the Netherlands.

In the letter, the opposition points out that the Hbrahimgel family has been in the country for over ten years and have three well-integrated children. On Wednesday, Minister Leers said he would seriously consider new information.

The family has requested asylum three times. The last request was because the 14-year-old daughter Sahar, who attends grammar school, could face problems in Afghanistan because of her Western lifestyle.

The opposition believes the family has been let down many times by the Dutch authorities which have repeatedly failed take prompt decisions on their asylum procedure, which as a result stretched out over eight years.

For over seven years, the children have been entitled to residence in the Netherlands. They are not in the country illegally.




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