Antillean data bank to go

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Dutch parliament scraps controversial plan to set up database for criminal youths from the Netherlands Antilles.

11 November 2008

THE HAGUE - In a letter to parliament, Integration Minister Ella Vogelaar writes that the cabinet's plans for a so-called referral index for Antilleans (VIA) have been scrapped.

The controversial plan to list Antillean problem youths in the Netherlands was proposed earlier this year to allow aid workers from various government agencies to coordinate their work better.

The VIA was reportedly necessary because a large number of youths from the Netherlands Antilles move around and are not registered anywhere.

The Antilles government and many Antilleans opposed to the VIA because of its alleged discriminatory character.

Minister Vogelaar says it is not her intention to differentiate between problem youths on the basis of ethnicity. On further consideration, she has come to the conclusion that ethnicity should be listed in aid workers' files on all problem youths.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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