Amsterdam to build mega stadium

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Amsterdam hopes to attract major sporting events with a new mega stadium.

7 January 2008

AMSTERDAM - Amsterdam has plans to build a new stadium. The city hopes this will improve its chances to host the World Cup football championship in 2018 or the Olympic Games in 2028, alderwoman for Sport Carolien Gehrels confirmed on Monday.

The politician has her eye on a site between Amsterdam and Almere. Part of the IJmeer lake will have to be drained for the project. The construction of the stadium will cost an estimated EUR 60 to 80 million. It should seat 80,000 spectators, Gehrels reports.

The alderwoman says the current stadium, the Amsterdam ArenA, does not have enough capacity. "We recently wanted to stand as candidate again, after 1998, to host the Champions League final in the ArenA. UEFA wouldn't allow it however because they said the stadium was too small,"

The World Cup and Olympic Games are not the only sporting events that the capital wants to organise. Gehrels also has hopes for the European Championships for athletics in 2014 or 2016. That would have to take place in the Olympic Stadium, which would need to be expanded.

By organising a number of major events the alderwoman hopes to convince UEFA and the international Olympic Committee IOC that Amsterdam can handle the World Cup and Olympic Games.

The new stadium would have to be completed by 2018. The city will consider the feasibility of the building project in the coming year, Gehrels said.

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  • mr. haze posted:

    on 7th January 2008, 18:03:05 - Reply

    police need 200 euro a month raise, city buys out red light, 25 million euros and n/s line is way behind schedule and you want to build 80 millon euro stadium in the middle of nowhere. these politicians need to psychiatric help