Amsterdam mayor wants to drop Moroccan name list

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Following a move by Rotterdam, the mayor of Amsterdam is calling for the removal of official Moroccan Arab name list from the city hall.

AMSTERDAM – Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen has proposed to scrap a Moroccan government approved list of first names which is showed to Dutch-Moroccan registering their new-born children with the city.

Morocco has a list of approved names for its nationals and parents registering their children have to choose from the list or risk running into problems when they apply for Moroccan nationality.

Other problems that the Dutch-Moroccan may run into may include travel land inheritance problems in Morocco.

Currently, people from the Dutch-Moroccan community registering children with Amsterdam Council have been shown the list.

Following complains from parents of Moroccan nationality that Dutch council officials are making them register their children with Moroccan government approved names, Rotterdam has decided to scrap the practice of showing parents the list. 

In March, Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said he will set fire to any list of official Moroccan names he comes across in the city’s town hall.

The Amsterdam mayor is proposing that Dutch-Moroccans registering their children’s births should be redirected to the Moroccan consulate's website where the list is displayed. Parents can decide if they wish to consult it.

Cohen's proposal has yet to be approved by Amsterdam City Council.

MPs from the two senior members of the governing coalition, the Christian Democrats (CDA) and Labour (PvdA), have also recently called for Dutch-Moroccans to choose whatever names they please.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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