Amsterdam mayor to reconsider cannabis policy

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The 43 coffee shops which are forced to close down are causing limited problems, says Amsterdam council.

AMSTERDAM – Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen has announced that he will reconsider the mandatory minimum distance between cannabis-selling coffee shops and secondary schools.

Cohen recently said all coffee shops located within a 250-metre radius of a secondary school should close. His decision was in compliance with new cabinet policy.
However, the Amsterdam council - with the exception of the Christian Democrats - feels the cabinet is taking things too far. The measure would affect 43 coffee shops, while most of them cause no or only limited problems.

The mayor has promised the council that he will reconsider the issue. He says he is still awaiting a cabinet letter with additional information on the issue of cannabis-selling coffee shops.
[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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    holland, you are so going backwards in every way.......farewell utopia.....