Amsterdam colours orange as tension mounts

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Amsterdam’s Museum Square is colouring orange as football fans arrive to watch tonight’s World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain. Around 100,000 people are expected to pack into the square, and technicians are hard at work setting up huge projection screens.

It’s a steamy day in the Netherlands with temperatures pushing 30 degrees and the threat of thunder in the air, adding to the atmosphere of tense expectation. But up to now no more than a few drops of rain have fallen in the capital – not enough to spoil the fans picnics or festive mood.

The city’s Central Station is thronging with exited fans as more and more people converge on the capital, bearing beer and vuvuzelas. The crowd is forming a river of orange flooding through the city centre to Museum Square.

History Supporters Ward Goderie and Harm Swinkels from Amsterdam have turned up early so as not to miss a moment of the experience. Goderie is wearing his orange underpants: “I’ve had them on for all the matches, so I’m not taking them off now.” They’re in no doubt that Holland is heading for victory. “It’ll be 3-1,” Goderie predicts. “We’d like to congratulate the Spanish on coming second. That’s also nice for them,” adds a confident Swinkels.

Bas Haring has come to Amsterdam on the first train from his hometown of Culemborg, and says he hasn’t slept a wink. “I’m nervous as hell, but I’m certain we’re going to win,” he says. Haring and his girlfriend, creatively made up with face paint in the Dutch colours, say they’ve come across quite a few Spanish fans on the square. “We sung to each other. If Spain really plays better, I won’t begrudge them the cup,” he says cheerfully. “It’s going to be a big party. This is history.”  

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