Amsterdam anti-nuclear rally draws thousands

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A demonstration in central Amsterdam against nuclear energy has drawn several thousand people. The rally, organised by the Green Left party, also paid tribute to the victims of Japan’s natural and nuclear disasters. Speakers included Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels, Labour leader Job Cohen and Green Left leader Jolande Sap.

Prior to the rally, tens of thousands of proponents of clean energy had signed a petition calling on the government not to reverse plans to build more nuclear plants.

In her speech, Ms Sap argued that there is no need for nuclear energy given the limitless availability of solar and wind energy.

She reminded her audience that no satisfactory solution has yet been found for the storage of nuclear waste.

She also voiced delight at the fact that Labour leader Cohen has now declared himself against a second nuclear plant in the Netherlands.

Christian Democrat Economy Minister Maxime Verhagen has indicated the government hopes to give the green light for a new nuclear plant before the end of its term.

He has also suggested that the construction could begin as early as 2015.

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  • Jim da Man posted:

    on 17th April 2011, 13:43:50 - Reply

    The problem is these uninformed lefties making a lot of noise. Shame they do not understand anything about anything, just picking up second hand things they heard and treating them like gospel.