Amsterdam Islamic school to lose government funding

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The school is believed to impede social integration as children of different religions are encouraged not to mingle.

Amsterdam – An Islamic school group in Amsterdam will lose part of its funding from the government as it has not done enough to integrate its pupils into society.

Deputy Education Minister Sharon Dijksma, along with Amsterdam city council, said Thursday they would withdraw funding to the As Siddieq school unless the school changes it attitude.

Dijksma said her announcement follows a critical report by the government's Education Inspectorate which found the school was not doing enough encourage social integration. The school also failed to respect and instil basic values of democracy.

As Siddieq, which runs three schools in Amsterdam's De Baarsjes, Noord and Zeeburg quarters, has been given until 1 March to introduce improvements or risk losing part of the government funding. 

Earlier in the day, Amsterdam city councillor Lodewijk Asscher, who is in charge of education, also withdrew the municipal subsidy to As Siddieq as he has lost confidence in the school board.

The As Siddieq school had been subjected to regular criticism. Earlier this month, a former teacher of the school wrote to a newspaper and said there was "no room for other cultures" at the Islamic school and Muslim children were encouraged not to mingle with the non-Muslims. 

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  • yassmeen posted:

    on 7th August 2011, 17:19:59 - Reply

    we learn that islam gives mouslem the system or way to live and cooperate with human beings despiste of their relegion or their culture or their ethic but may this school appear this way because what we all knows about unaccepteted participation in the society like for example drugs which legal so i think they try to minmize the dangerous from side .....this is my very poor knowledage about amsterdam and its schools as i m not living amsterdam but my husband found job there but we are so hesitaed because of what we know about the holand society thanks....sorry for this long essy