Amsterdam Gay Pride organiser queer bashed

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One of the organisers of Amsterdam's Gay Pride, Hugo Braakhuis, and a friend were assaulted in the capital on Wednesday night.

Amsterdam - De Telegraaf newspaper says the two men were kissing goodnight outside a bar when a group of youths started shouting abuse at them.

Braakhuis' friend spoke to them about their behaviour and one of the youths hit him.

When he fell to the ground, others in the group started kicking him.

Braakhuis was also beaten.
The police arrived quickly and arrested four of the youths.

The paper says the authorities in the capital are treating the matter seriously and are appealing for witnesses.
Amsterdam's Gay Pride canal boat parade is taking place next Saturday.

Braakhuis has told De Telegraaf: "That will have to be a party, but gay emancipation here still has quite a way to go."

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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  • Andy M posted:

    on 27th July 2009, 13:19:16 - Reply

    This does not surprise me in the least. The number of attacks on gay men minding their own business seems to have risen in the past years. Some reports state that it is just because more crimes are reported, but I believe the rise in actual crime is a certainty. Me and my partner don't bother with the gay scene much anyway - but this latest incident doesn't exactly make me want to go out and join scene again. Such a crying shame that in a city where quite some years ago men could walk around holding hands, that these days not even on the so called gay street can gay men be open about their sexuality. Until the government actually acknowledges the cause of the problem and takes serious action, nothing will change and Amsterdam will continue its sad decline.