Amstelveen gets first parking lots for delivery tricycle

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Amstelveen will be the first in the country to create special parking lots for the increasingly popular delivery tricycle.

13 June 2008

AMSTELVEEN - Newspaper Trouw reports that the town of Amstelveen, just south of Amsterdam, will be the first in the country to create special parking lots for the increasingly popular, and singularly Dutch contraption which is best described as a delivery tricycle.

The rear end of the delivery tricycle looks line an ordinary bicycle, but the front end has been replaced by two wheels carrying an open, often rectangular shaped box.

The delivery tricycle was first introduced in the 1930s, and was mainly used by small businesses which could not afford a car. In the 1970s and 1980s the delivery tricycle was adopted by hippies, students and squatters.

The present day version of the delivery tricycle, which is much lighter and more agile than its predecessors, is becoming increasingly popular, especially among parents who are looking for an alternative to take their children to school.

The Amstelveen council says that delivery tricycle parking lots are not the result of a problem.

A council spokesperson says that "We are responding to a need, a new trend, and if delivery tricycles get their own parking spaces there will be more room left for normal bikes".

The parking lots will be created in locations frequented by large numbers of parents, such as shopping malls, primary schools and day-care centres.

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