Ambulance staff threatens strike action

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Ambulance personnel in Amsterdam are threatening to go on strike Thursday unless the authorities propose plan to help them tackle violence at work.

4 September 2008

AMSTERDAM -- Ambulance personnel in Amsterdam wants Mayor Job Cohen to take swift measures to tackle the violence they regularly face at work. They are threatening to take strike action unless there is a plan on the table by 2pm on Thursday.

On Wednesday evening ambulance drivers went on strike for four hours following a stabbing incident in the capital. Paramedics tried to help the victim, but were hindered by bystanders who wanted to find out who was responsible.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • tony posted:

    on 5th September 2008, 12:38:10 - Reply

    thats what happens when you ship in cheap labour, then expect to change peoples cultures, multiculturinsm is not possible, when are the naieve, idealistic, patronizing middle classes going to learn, looks like from now onwards, too late suckers. Everybody wants to rule the world, especially the secular religions, who do not want to mix, they are from a dog eat dog world, give em an inch they take a mile, not rocket science to most.