Ajax striker zbiliz opts for Holland

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Ajax talent Aras Özbiliz has reportedly told Armenia coach Vardan Minasyan that his ambition is to join the Dutch national football team. This means he’ll decline invitations to play for Armenia, at least for the foreseeable future. 

“If I keep on developing and the opportunity arises, then I’ll opt for Oranje,” the 21-year-old Ajax Amsterdam right forward told .    Özbiliz is seen as one of the Amsterdam club’s great talents. He joined the substitute bench earlier this season and has been fielded frequently since, particularly after the mid-season transfer of Uruguay ace Luis Suárez to Liverpool FC.    Özbiliz is of Armenian extraction. He was born in Turkey, in a region that used to be part of Armenia. “For that reason, I don’t have a Turkish passport,” says the Ajax striker, who moved to Holland with his parents when he was just one year old.   Under FIFA rules, any player who's earned a cap for a national or representative team of one country is no longer eligible to play for another country. So, Aras Özbiliz would lose his right to play for Holland if he joins Armenia. Holland are the 2010 World Cup runners-up, Armenia are currently 64 in the FIFA World Ranking.  


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