Ajax fans afraid to wear anti-cop 1312 T-shirt

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Fewer Ajax fans are wearing the popular 1312 T-shirts since Dutch authorities prosecuted three supporters for donning the anti-establishment garb last week.

The Ajax fans were fined 330 euros each, after wearing the T-shirts with the numbers printed on them during a match against Heracles Almelo on 18 April last year. The numerals stand for the letters ACAB in the alphabet. The acronym ACAB - All Cops are Bastards - was first used publicly as a slogan during the 1984-1985 coalminers' strike in Britain.

According to Ruth Gorissen, spokesperson for the Amsterdam district court, the Public Prosecutor's decision to prosecute the fans was clearly related to the reduction in 1312 T-shirts being worn at matches. Police authorities didn't actually file a report against the supporters in this case. But, Ms Gorissen added, the Public Prosecutor's office considered it important to set a precedent for people who insult law-enforcement officers and decided to press charges.

A law lecturer at Tilburg University, Theo de Roos, questions the authorities' response to "criminal T-shirt" fans. He considers the T-shirts part of general football yobbishness and wonders if the judiciary should use public resources for any further actions.

The Ajax supporters' club also considers the response overblown. "It's rather pointless to ban these kinds of symbols. We're against football violence, but a bit of a brash T-shirt should be allowed." The Ajax supporters have appealed the verdict of the Amsterdam court.


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