AIVD: Dutch citizens fighting in Libya

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Dutch nationals are involved in the fighting in Libya and other conflict areas across North Africa and the Middle East.

In its annual report, the Dutch national security service AIVD writes that Dutch Muslims are still travelling to the Afghan-Pakistani border region to receive training for the Jihadist struggle. There have also been contacts between the Netherland and international terrorist networks. These contacts involve both individuals meeting face to face as well as meetings via internet forums.

Terrorist threat The head of the AIVD Gerard Bouwman says that the terrorist threat level has increased in the Netherlands and across Europe. However, the AIVD says the threat leave in the Netherlands is still lower compared to some of the surrounding countries. And the number of Dutch citizens who have either trained for, or are actually taken part in the Jihadist struggle is relatively low compared to other European countries.

According to the AIVD, the internet plays a major role in the danger facing the West. That role is not limited to the distribution of propaganda. The ‘digital highway’ is also used to plan attacks, form terrorist networks, recruit fighters and facilitate participation in terrorist attacks.

China The AIVD concludes that Chinese intelligence services have increased their activities in the Netherlands. The service writes that the Chinese are spying on technology professors and high-tech companies. Trade secrets have reportedly been stolen.

The AIVD says businesses must become more aware of digital espionage. Many businesses believe they are secure behind a tall fence and an alarm system, but the intelligence service warns that business information can easily be stolen via the internet.

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