70m for neighbourhood sports

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Health and Sports Minister Edith Schippers has earmarked 70 million euros a year from 2012 to stimulate people to exercise or practice sports in their own neighbourhood.

The minister’s plans, contained in a letter to parliament, include 2,900 neighbourhood sports coaches and a more efficient use of locally available facilities and sports centres.

A taskforce - led by Maastricht Mayor Onno Hoes – has been created to come up with a plan for removing the obstacles currently barring a more effecient use of existing sports facilities.

Quite often strict regulations bar children in after school clubs from using sports facilities they are free to use during the weekend as members of sports clubs.

The Dutch Olympic Committee NOCNSF, the Association of Netherlands Municipalities and the association of small and medium-sized businesses MKB Nederland are all taking part in the project.

Minister Schippers says the participation of MKB Nederland is only logical as it has a vested interest in fit and healthy employers.


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  • osita

    on 14th November 2011, 12:25:10 - Reply

    This amuses me. 70m donated to neighbourhood sports, and yet the savings they'd planned to make from changing the expat 30% tax ruling would have only brought them an extra 37m. Guess it's more important to have sportsmen than highly skilled workers and Uni graduates, to the Dutch government.