6 out of 10 coffee shops to be closed?

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A survey shows that six out of ten coffee shops will be closed if the government goes forward with plans to close all coffee shops located within 350 meters of a school. The survey was carried out by the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

The newspaper conducted its survey in the 14 Dutch municipalities which have ten or more coffee shops. Together, these 14 cities / towns have 442 of the more than 660 Dutch coffee shops. On the basis of the new cabinet's soft drug policy, 57.9 percent of these cannabis-selling coffee shops would have to be closed. In Amsterdam alone, 187 of the current 223 coffee shops would have to close their doors.

In its survey, NRC Handelsblad used a walking distance of 350 metres as the basis for its calculations. However, if the cabinet were to use a distance of 350 metres in a straight line as the basis for its calculations, the number of coffee shops facing closure would be even higher.




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