500,000 Dutch traffic fines for German and Belgian drivers last year

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Over 283,000 motorists driving cars with a German number plate were fined for minor traffic violations in the Netherlands last year, according to justice ministry figures.

Belgian cars accounted for 225,000 fines, the figures show. The infringements range from speeding to driving through red lights and parking wrongly.

The Netherlands has had bilateral agreements to exchange information about traffic fines with Belgium, Germany and Switzerland for several years.

New EU rules mean the Netherlands can now exchange information with other European countries, if the technology can cope. Random tests show the Poles, French, Bulgarians and Romanians are also regular offenders.

Britain, Ireland and Denmark are not taking part in the system.

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  • HTD posted:

    on 8th November 2013, 17:02:15 - Reply

    Would be interesting to know how much money, not the number of tickets, which is less important, is being collected by Germany and Belgium et al. from Dutch licensed cars vs. those fined in the NL? Of course, the story is a complex one, since it's not only about which country is collecting more, but how their drivers behave better or worse on the road, each countries' system of identifying and billing road offenders, and the volume of foreign traffic traveling over each others roads and possibly even a preference for ticketing drivers from one country more than another. Who knows?
    Sounds like the stuff that a good master's thesis or dissertation might take on.
  • carrico posted:

    on 8th November 2013, 13:41:43 - Reply

    Hah! The 'luck of the Irish.'