3FM Serious Request 2011: Supporting mothers in war zones

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This year, from December 18-24 the fundraising 3FM Serious Request Glass House is situated in Leiden!

As per the Serious Request tradition, three DJ's from Radiostation 3 FM are have been locked up in a 'Glass House' since the eve of Sunday 18 December, only to be released on the Christmas eve (24 December). Through this project, 3FM in cooperation with the Red Cross tries to raise awareness and funds for a silent disaster. 

3FM Serious Request aims to draw attention to mothers who are dealing with the consequences of war: something that affects over 10 million mothers world-wide and which is reflected in the project's slogan: "This one's for mama".

Funds collected from Serious Request help the Red Cross provide mothers affected by war with shelter, medical aid and emergency rations of food, water, soap and kitchen utensils. The charity can also help mothers with creating a source of income and with finding family members who have gone missing in the chaos of war. A mother is the quiet force behind a family, but she will not survive a war without support. By helping a mother, you will be helping an entire family.

The entire city of Leiden is involved in this project in some way or another, setting up activities from 18 till 24 December to raise funds. Bring family and friends and get on the train to Leiden to support this worthwhile fund raising project!

Visit a dedicated section of the Leiden.nl website which offers detailed information in English and some ideas on how you can contribute even if you can't make it to Leiden.


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