Woman arrested after killing bag snatcher

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18 January 2005, AMSTERDAM — Police in the east of Amsterdam detained a 43-year-old female motorist on Monday night after she killed a thief who stole her bag.

18 January 2005

AMSTERDAM — Police in the east of Amsterdam detained a 43-year-old female motorist on Monday night after she killed a thief who stole her bag.

The 19-year-old victim was riding on a moped with a friend when they stopped beside the woman's car and opened the door to steal her bag. The thieves then tried to escape, but the woman reversed her car to cut them off, colliding with the scooter.

After the collision, the car continued moving due to an "unknown" cause and the 19-year-old was wedged in between the car and a tree. He died at the scene. The woman was then taken to the local police station for questioning, but police suspect the death was a "tragic accident", news service NOS reported.

Police sealed the scene off on the Derde Oosterparkstraat, but a group of male youths tried to get to the victim and started yelling and screaming.

The scene of the man's death was close to where filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered, allegedly by a Moroccan man, on 2 November last year. But this time the victim was a Moroccan and residents have accused the woman of murder.

The youth's intensely upset father also arrived on the scene, but two residents and police managed to calm the crowd down before it escalated out of control. The father was taken to the police station and given counseling by a crisis team.

Investigations are now being conducted to determine whether the woman caused the accident intentionally, constituting a criminal offence. The woman was still being detained on Tuesday.

The second youth escaped the scene and is being sought by police. But two males aged 15 and 16 were arrested later that night after being linked to the scooter used in the theft. The youths are suspected of being involved in other thefts that have taken place in the district in recent weeks.

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