Wilders wants seat in Brussels parliament as well as in The Hague

2nd June 2014, Comments 0 comments

Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders wants to take up a seat in the European parliament after all, without giving up his place in the Dutch lower chamber, the MP has told broadcaster Nos.

It is currently impossible in law to have seats in both parliaments.

The so-called ‘dual mandate’ became illegal in 2002, in line with EU election legislation.

‘I want both at the same time. There is a reason 300,000 people voted for me [in the EU vote],’ Wilders told the broadcaster. ‘That is what democracy is all about.’


Wilders is now talking to lawyers about his options, he said. ‘Why is it not allowed?’ he said. ‘Can you just ban something just like that?’

Many commentators say they expected Wilders may move to Brussels after the local elections.

He is hoping to form an alliance with France’s Front National and other far-right parties but is currently two parties short.

Wilders’ PVV lost 25 percent of its vote in last month’s election and now has four, rather than five, MEPs.

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