Wilders: no dual nationality for minister

16th October 2010, Comments 3 comments


Geert Wilders' anti-Islam PVV party wants a deputy minister to renounce her Swedish nationality.

It recently emerged that Christian Democrat Health Deputy Prime Minister Marlies Veldhuizen van Zanten-Hyllner is the only person in the new cabinet to hold dual nationality.

The PVV, which provides the centre-right minority cabinet with a one-seat majority in parliament, says it will present a motion in parliament shortly. Mr Wilders says he was not informed of the politician's dual nationality before Thursday, when the new cabinet was installed. Spokespeople for the CDA and the conservative VVD say the two parties knew of the deputy minister's dual nationality but do not regard it as an obstacle for her appointment.

Under the previous government, the PVV fiercely objected to the dual nationality held by Labour Deputy Ministers Ahmed Aboutaleb and Nebahat Albayrak. During the 2007 debate about the government programme, Mr Wilders demanded their resignation. He stresses that his demand was not related to their Islamic background. No other parties supported the PVV no-confidence motion at the time.

On Friday, the Public Prosecutor asked for the acquittal of Mr Wilders on charges of inciting hatred and inciting discrimination. Prosecutors called for charges of insulting Muslims to be dropped earlier this week.

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  • Kevin posted:

    on 18th October 2010, 01:16:48 - Reply

    It is a good thing that a prick like Wilders is in the public view. Let him keep opeing his pie-hole and pissing people off. It's easier to keep an eye on him, and his legion of lemmings, when they are spewing their garbage in public.
  • PAS posted:

    on 17th October 2010, 12:59:48 - Reply

    Or that of the Hungarian wife of Geert Wilders?????????????????
  • milst1 posted:

    on 17th October 2010, 11:52:30 - Reply

    Serious question: Has PVV called for Princess Maxima to give up her Argentinian citizenship?