Wilders decides against press conference on film

12th March 2008, Comments 3 comments

Freedom party PVV leader Geert Wilders will not give a press conference to present his anti-Koran film Fitna.

12 March 2008

THE HAGUE – Freedom party PVV leader Geert Wilders will not give a press conference to present his anti-Koran film Fitna. He is putting "all his efforts" into ensuring that the film can be seen on the internet at the end of this month.

Since no broadcaster was willing to show Fitna in its entirety, Wilders had planned to present the film in press centre Nieuwspoort in The Hague. But in that case he would have to cover the costs of security for the building himself. That would cost several hundred thousand euro, the politician said.

His calculations are based on a risk analysis which indicates that various security measures would be necessary before and after the press presentation.

"It is too expensive", Wilders said Tuesday. He does not want to ask the government for the money. Nor will Parliament look for an alternative location since that would lead to further talks and delay.

If no Dutch or foreign broadcaster offers to show Fitna in its entirety, Wilders will put the film on the internet.

He would like to do that as soon as possible but it still requires a great deal of preparation, to prevent the website from being blocked by mass numbers of visitors clicking on the film at the same time for instance.

In the corridors of the parliament buildings on Tuesday Wilders called on the prime minister and foreign minister to condemn the demonstrations against Fitna which have involved burning of the Dutch flag, as has occurred several times in Afghanistan.

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3 Comments To This Article

  • Mother posted:

    on 28th March 2008, 14:52:24 - Reply

    It's not the movie that is monstrous. It is the little girl who talks such language about a group of people she really knows nothing about.
    I have a little daughter too and she talks of different things, not of Jews being pigs. My daughter doesn't yet know religion and nore should she. And definitely not to the extend of that little girl there. Shame on her parents, and shame on those who do the same.
    But shame NOT on Wilders for showing it to us.
  • Don Pedro posted:

    on 13th March 2008, 08:59:23 - Reply

    Publish the movie on youtube and is done, let's move on, I want see the movie.
  • remkes posted:

    on 12th March 2008, 18:01:41 - Reply

    Lol! He is afraid :)