Wilders challenges judge at his trial

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The trial of Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders was suspended until further notice after his lawyer Bram Moszkowicz challenged the presiding judge after less than two hours on the first day of the proceedings.

At the start of his trial on charges of inciting hatred against Muslims, Mr Wilders invoked his legal right to remain silent, which prompted the presiding judge to remark that the court also read newspapers and watched television, and that it seemed as though - as noted in the media before - Mr Wilders prefers to avoid discussion.

Mr Moszkowicz said it was inappropriate for the presiding judge to give his interpretation of his client’s decision to remain silent. He pointed out that Mr Wilders is already facing a court ruling “which resembles a conviction”. The case against the politician was initially dismissed by the Public Prosecutors’ Office, but charges were filed following a court order issued in a special complaints procedure. The court rejected the accusation of bias and will not recuse itself, i.e. will not declare itself incompetent to hear the case. A separate section of the court will assess the merits of Mr Moszkowicz’s challenge to the presiding judge.

Sick ideology If convicted, Geert Wilders, who looks set to become a shadow partner in the next Dutch government, risks up to one year in jail or a 7,600-euro fine for calling Islam "a fascist ideology" and likening the Qur'an to Hitler's.

He is charged with five counts of causing religious offence to Muslims and inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims and immigrants of non-Western origin, particularly Moroccans. In comments made between October 2006 and March 2008 in Dutch newspapers and on internet forums, prosecutors say that Wilders described Islam as "the sick ideology of Allah and Muhammad" and its holy book as "the of a religion that seeks to eliminate others".

Fitna Among the evidence is Mr Wilders' 17-minute film , which allegedly depicts Islam as a force bent on destroying the West and prompted protests in much of the Muslim world when first published in the Netherlands in 2008.

Geert Wilders arrived at the Amsterdam district court minutes before the start of the hearing. About a dozen protesters had gathered outside the court building with a large placard accusing him of "division and polarisation". A large contingent of police, some in riot gear, were also present. "The different colours of our society is what makes us rich, but that is being threatened by Mr Wilders," Mustafa Ayranci, one of the group's organisers and head of the Turkish labour association, told AFP.

Propping up the next government Geert Wilders' Freedom Party PVV emerged as the third largest part in the June elections, with 24 of the 150 seats in the lower house of the Dutch parliament. Under a coalition deal being finalised, the PVV will give parliamentary support to a minority cabinet of the Christian Democrats CDA and conservative VVD in return for a voice in policy making.



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  • Yolanda posted:

    on 6th October 2010, 02:00:46 - Reply

    Look at the quagmire in af-pak region, EU/USA are in. For all the blood, sweat and treasure, only violence and blame are returned.

    This is a war that is un-winnable not b/c of our failure or lack of courage or lack of money put in; they are all in excess. But b/c of betrayal by the pak allies, treason by ANA - afghan nat'l army, sedition by karzai - the list is endless, criminal funding by nazi type drug mafia of pak military industrial complex, etc. The West needs to keep borrowing from the chinese to donate to pak generals to keep them smiling while hiding the fugitive binLaden gang in their basements.
    HOw different the two cultures are! They are for free ride using intimidation and violence amassing wealth through drugs, extortion, donation from donor conference, while the West is looking for a semblance of stability and empowerment of afghan women.

    It is a bottomless money pit that Mr Wilders seems to feel is a total waste on a 'dangerous' group of people. Isolating them through sound immigration policy is the best policy option. It is for self-reservation.

    Editor, Please let the judges know about this stance here; educating them is an immediate imperative. Thanks and regards,
  • Yolanda Hudgen posted:

    on 5th October 2010, 03:06:32 - Reply

    The minority Shias in "fakistan" that is full of fraudulent murders even in mosques shows a charade of greedy hateful honchos masquerading as democratic that is laughable; even the majority Shias in Saudi Arabia Bahrain and Iraq are only slightly better off than the minority in Bangladesh or fakistan where the Baluchistanis, Hindus, Sikhs are way worse off than in any other nation on earth.

    Even as we 'speak' two news item is glaring at our eyes-

    and the third is the threats from pak trained criminals at world travelers all over EU and UK - all from a sick and disgusting violently hateful ideology of the desert cult.

    Mr Wilders is only suggesting policy option in a sophisticated way as a mature, and wise global citizen on irresponsible and wild support to a highly dangerous group of greedy and hate-driven criminals who are committed to serial mass murders for centuries with no end in sight. Resenting criminals is nothing wrong. Criminality is based on hate, greed, and KKK-type supremacist fascist ideology.

    If only one knew about the duration, scale, frequency and wide-spread nature of islamic violence in India, he/she would surely side with Mr Wilders.
    It has been on-going for well over 1000 years on holocaust scale. It is the only country that swa looting and murder for events outside its borders for-
    * Saddam's hanging in IIraq; * Rev Falwell's foul remarks in USA;
    * Cartoons in Denmark; etc. Same way even slightest pretext/context is enough to trigger serial mass murders like the re-capture of "babri mosque" that was lying unused in ruins that caused loss of more than 2000 lives thus equating 1 bldg to 2000 lives - a savage equation indeed. NYC mosque is embattled rightly near Ground-0.

    No one is hating anyone here; we are resenting with righteous indignation the wild serial mass murders all over the world against the infidels - Shias, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists in the West, Nigeria, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Thailand, etc. etc. that well prove this communal gangsters are indeed out of control with no one to send them a clear message that enough is enough. It is a greed and hate driven ideology worthy of contempt, ridicule, scorn, boycott and isolation. People of India have been the worst victims. Google about "Direct Action", Moplah massacre, Kashmir pundits, etc. Thanks and Regards,
  • Yolanda Hudgen posted:

    on 5th October 2010, 02:57:04 - Reply

    Even as we 'speak' two news item is glaring at our eyes-

    and the third is the threats from pak trained criminals at world travelers all over EU and UK - all from a sick and disgusting violently hateful ideology of the desert cult.