Wilders calls Islamic culture "backward"

29th August 2010, Comments 6 comments


In an interview broadcast on Australian television on Sunday, far right Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has called the Islamic culture “backward”.

“Our culture, which is based on Christianity, Judaism and humanism is better that the backward Islamic culture,” says Mr Wilders. He also pointed out that Islam cannot be compared with Christianity. “It is a violent ideology, like communism and fascism.”

In response, Mr Wilders says the interview was recorded six weeks ago, when preliminary talks were being held between left-wing parties and the conservative VVD, to form a so-called purple-plus coalition.

Now he is participating in the negotiations for the formation of a minority government with the VVD and Christian Democrats supported by his party.  



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  • Judith van der Roos posted:

    on 1st September 2010, 22:54:40 - Reply

    HTD you said "Islam has historically accepted black Africans, so I'm not exactly sure why one should label it as 'misogynistic' " I wonder, do you actually know what misogynistic means, because your response makes no sense.

    Yes of course the other religions have many fine examples of violence, but they pale in comparison to islam. Your two particular examples of Northern Island and the dreadful attacks on civilians in Gaza (including the destruction of a school my wife and I raised funds for) were interesting as both perpetrated by organisations backed by "christian" America (Northern Island by Irish American money and Isreal by US Federal money).

    Wilders is a symptom of the failure of Dutch political class to pay attention to what their electorate were trying to tell them and the demise of the "christian" parties is entirely their own doing.

    As a gay woman, married to another woman I have no particular liking for Wilders, but he has at least made our over paid, head in the sand, politicians sit up and take stock of their own FAILED social policies that they imposed on their population. The original "flame throwers" in Holland were those who pushed very large numbers of migrants too quickly into a native population and then stifled the right of that population to voice their concerns openly. When we did manage to speak out we found their lives threatened by the very people we were expected to welcome.

    When our Women's group voices concern over arranged/forced marriage we get death threats, when we speak out about the hidden epidemic of domestic violence we get death threats, cars smashed and dead dogs on our door steps, when we discovered girls having they genitals mutilated ...............................well do I really need to go ?
    Kind regards, Judith.
  • james posted:

    on 30th August 2010, 15:39:15 - Reply

    Treu talk,in a present times of sycophancy and idiocy,it is wonderful to see men like Wilders who still hold strongly to the ideals that distinguish us from animals and prehistoric men no matter the price.
  • HTD posted:

    on 30th August 2010, 13:23:18 - Reply

    Judith: "'Perhaps it would have been more accurate if he had described islam as "violently misogynistic where as christianity and jewdaism are misogynistic without the overt violence", that would have been a perfectly factual statement'"

    Frankly, I find it hard to set modern Christianity and Judaism so easily aside as not having certain violent elements. One only has to remember the 20 years of Protestant and Catholic violence in Northern Ireland, and the bombing of the U.N. enclave fairly recently in the Gaza Strip to demonstrate some evidence that contradicts your statement.
    I am sure that there are many more examples that could be added.
    Islam has historically accepted black Africans, so I'm not exactly sure why one should label it as 'misogynistic'. Jews and Arabs have been closely genetically related as Semites, since at least the time that the biblical Abraham fathered both Isaac, the Jew, and Ishmael, the Arab, from two different mothers.
    What is important that we all do what we can to lower emotions on all sides of this issue. We should be sensible enough to work out our differences and not constantly fuel the flames of a future culture clash and conflict, that does not have to happen unless the cultural 'flamethrowers' like Wilders and others succeed in pushing in that direction.

    It appears, furthermore, that already Wilders has accomplished demanteling one of the few Dutch political parties that had 'Christian' in its name title. Some feat for someone who claims that he is trying to 'hold on' to Christian values.
  • Judith van der Roos posted:

    on 30th August 2010, 12:23:02 - Reply

    Perhaps it would have been more accurate if he had described islam as "violently misogynistic where as christianity and jewdaism are misogynistic without the overt violence", that would have been a perfectly factual statement.

    I think we need to keep the issues of the (1) oppressive/repressive flaws of religions and (2) the oppressive/repressive nature of Western cultural imperialism a little more separate otherwise we will never make any progress in solving the issues in either. That said I now think that the intelligence and law enforcement monoliths of the West and especially the USA are now too big and self sustaining to stop the evils they are spreading (torture, illegal arrest and imprisonment, surveillance of the individual). The unchecked growth of those institutions may yet make the dangers of islam irrelevant.

    kind regards, Judith.
  • dutchamerican posted:

    on 30th August 2010, 11:23:28 - Reply

    Wilders is backwards and unprogressive. I am not Muslim or believe in Islam but I do understand respect and tolerance which Wilders obvious does not have. Part of being in a progressive global society is excepting those ideas or traditions that are not in our western main stream ideology. Being a Dutch/ American livening in the Netherlands I am very embarrassed by Wilders. In some cases I find him more backwards then the Islam he is trying to degrade. He forgets that all religions have a form of fundemtalisum, even Christianity has a violent side. Look at the extreme right and republican stand in the US today. They don’t use direct violence to get what they want but use propaganda and war to justify what they want. One is justified for the people the other for religion. If you scratched the service the wars today in Afghanistan and Iraq are all sponsored and pushed for by a conservative, republican, evangelical right wing groups made up of rich fat cats. Wilders would like to see the Netherlands move to the same right wing foundation. I hope my Dutch compatriots wake up to what Wilders is pushing for and votes down the PVV. We need a strong Holland with a inclusive frame work, not a closed Holland with a exclusive frame work.
  • HistoryTechDoc posted:

    on 30th August 2010, 11:03:27 - Reply

    Not aware of any religious system of beliefs that could be characterized as 'Progressive' or the opposite of 'Backwards'. Such labeling is nonsense.

    Not sure how Mr. Wilders' rhetoric serves any other purpose than to attempt to gather more Dutch political power for himself at the cost of further angering 1.5 billion Muslims. That can only lead to further confrontations between many Dutch travelers and business representatives around the world.

    If the Netherlands and the EU find themselves subject to another oil embargo as took place back in the early 1970s, then we will only have this ambassador of hate to blame.