Wilders addresses far-right German party

3rd September 2011, Comments 5 comments

Dutch populist MP Geert Wilders has addressed a small far-right German party in Berlin, hitting out at Europe and Islam.

Amid tight security, the Dutch anti-Islam politician spoke at a gathering of Die Freiheit, led by René Stadtkewitz, widely seen as the German version of Mr Wilder’s Freedom Party. Mr Stadtkewitz accuses the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, of selling Germany to Europe. He also claims that most of Germany’s unemployed come from Muslim countries.

In his speech, Mr Wilders attacked the European Union and Islam, which he described as the two biggest threats. He stressed, however, that “Breivik is not one of us”. He was referring to the Norwegian far-right extremist Anders Behring Breivik who invoked Mr Wilders as an inspiring example after killing 77 people in twin attacks in and near the capital Oslo in July. “We reject violence, we are democrats, we believe in peacefulness, we reject Islam for its violent character”, Mr Wilders said.

The meeting was attended by 600 people, far fewer than expected. Police had cordoned off the area around the hotel where it was held. Several hundred demonstrators protested against the meeting. cl

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  • Jamie posted:

    on 5th September 2011, 10:22:47 - Reply

    Mr. Mandolin : your negativism is stupid. If you were halfway tuned in you'd know that his word and message has been not only heard and appreciated by millions, but considered responsible for the turning of the tide of that huge wave of Islamists sweeping the European countries . He has made a difference in the way they think in the Netherlands, because the government officials and other influencial groups and individuals are beginning to accept his ideas as common sense, which they really are. He lifted the disgraceful taboo against free speech, and all of Europe will benifit because of that. Why are you so negative about him ? Admit it, you don't really know much about the real person and what he's about, but you decided to hate him because you want to. No good reasons--you are just prejudiced against him.

    One reason tickets didn't sell fast in Germany is because Angela Merkel is so against Rene Stadtkewitz and his party and Wilders too. Her attitude has rubbed off on the people. If you knew how important Wilders message is you would have bought a ticket yourself but you are ignorant He's been a guiding light and has had a lot of influence. It's a good thing SOMEONE has. Rene Stadtkewitz, Oskar Freysinger ( Switzerland ) and Geert Wilders : three COOL men. Leaders!
  • MrMandolin posted:

    on 4th September 2011, 11:52:45 - Reply

    Oh wait, wasn't that the speech where they had originally tried to charges EUR 100 for people to attend and since nobody bought any tickets, they had to drop the price to EUR 5? (Even then, only 600 people showed up.)

    Wilders keeps trying to expand his little struggle beyond the Netherlands by sticking his peroxide hairdo into other people's business and keeps failing pretty badly. Doesn't keep him from trying (and failing) again though.
  • Jamie posted:

    on 4th September 2011, 09:04:58 - Reply

    I was hoping a paper would show at least part of their speeches. Wilders delivers a message of hope and should be a great encouragment if Germany would help both him and Rene Stadtkewitz spread their word. I applaud Stadtkewitz for recognizing the talent and good sense in Wilders so he's made that effort to inspire people just like Wilders has been doing. I'm wondering if any of this was on televison ? There were a couple of hundred protestors outside shooting off their mouths not unlike shooting themselves in the foot because they do a lot more harm to their country than someone like Rene and Wilders ever would. Maybe Germany still has a guilt complex from the old WW11 days.

    I wonder if those ignoramouses ever stopped to think how Musilms feel about the Jews ? Now THAT'S got to remind them of a certain German citizen of yesteryear .

    Power to Geert Wilders and power to Rene Stadkkewitz !!! Oscar Freysinger too.

    EXPATICA : your article is only half a spoonful; there's a lot more to discuss . I wonder when Wilders will quit having to have such protection every where he goes ?