Wilders: Multiple offenders must be punished

16th June 2011, Comments 1 comment

Perpetrators of multiple crimes should face a punishment fitting to all crimes together, Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders told de Volkskrant newspaper Thursday. According to Wilders, a rapist who has struck ten times should face the punishment for rape ten times over. 

In current Dutch law, the various penalties for multiple offenses are not added together. However, the Freedom Party believes that the action should be implemented in certain cases, for example in that of Robert M. who is accused in Amsterdam of abusing 85 children.

The Freedom Party has previously advocated for life sentences for criminals charged with three serious violent crimes. 

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  • anonymous posted:

    on 18th June 2011, 09:55:41 - Reply

    Good for him. Of course perpetrators of multiple crimes should be be given a sentence severe enough to fit those crimes. It would be a crime in itself to not advocate for life sentences for repete ofenders committing violent or other gross crimes. Why does it have to take Geert Wilders to tell them that? He is the voice of common sense amongst a lot of idealistic wishful thinkers. They keep thinking criminals will change or there's some easier way to deal with them other than to committ them. America has had "three striikes you are out " for years.