Website for "Fitna: The Movie" is online

5th March 2008, Comments 18 comments

The website has been online since Wednesday morning.

5 March 2008

RIJSWIJK - The website has been online since Wednesday morning. Freedom party PVV leader Geert Wilders reported two weeks ago that his anti-Koran film, entitled Fitna, would at least be available for viewing on this website.

The site contains a black background with the text "Geert Wilders presents Fitna - Coming Soon." There is also the image of the front of a Koran bearing the text "Koran El Karim" in Arabic, meaning "Holy Koran."  

The site is hosted by a US company. The showing of the film on the site does not exclude the possibility that the film may be shown on Dutch television. Wilders said on Wednesday he is still in talks with various broadcasters.

In Fitna Wilders wants to illustrate his opinion that the Koran, the holy book of the Muslims, is a fascist book that continues to incite violence. The politician says that the film does not violate any Dutch laws. He is still seeking a television channel that will air Fitna in its entirety.

The film's title means 'trial' or 'tribulation' in Arabic. The word, which originally meant 'sledgehammer', refers to the struggle within the faith for the essence of Islam.

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  • john doe posted:

    on 6th March 2008, 21:13:48 - Reply

    I wait patiently for the the day Islam will be no more.
  • albrecht posted:

    on 6th March 2008, 21:09:25 - Reply

    The Dutch government won't allow the film to be shown on Dutch telly because they are afraid of the many Muslims, many of whom have proven to be militant and fundamentalist, living in their cities due to failed immigration policies. This is same reason why a majority of NATO countries ceded Kosovo to the Albanian Muslims and supported the terrorist group KLA. They hope to APPEASE the radical, fundamentalist Muslims and are afraid that the 5th column of Islamic immigrants living in European, and American, cities. A sad state of affairs that countries, especially such as the Netherlands, have not learned anything from the past. Appeasement doesn't work when faced with a committed, radical, and illogical enemy such as radical Islam.
  • Don Pedro posted:

    on 6th March 2008, 09:38:22 - Reply

    Yes! Yes!

    I want to see, other one with b***ls in this country, let's see how the Islam’s will deal with this movie and if the Royal Family / Politics will run again to take more pictures near of the Mosque's and saying The Nederland’s are tolerant and doesn’t have any reason for alarm.

    If we have to respect them, they have to respect us as well.

    They are not living on own land, Europe it is for Europeans with European rules if not happy just move back to own countries.

    Tiered to give respect and do not received nothing back from them.