Wave of drug-related violence in Dutch city of Eindhoven

1st December 2010, Comments 1 comment


The southeastern city of Eindhoven has been rocked by a series of violent incidents, including an attack on a house involving an automatic weapon on Sunday night and the killing of a 28-year-old resident of Eindhoven two weeks ago.

Eindhoven Mayor Rob van Gijzel has told the city council that he suspects that the unusually large number of violent incidents of the past two weeks is related to cannabis cultivation and organised crime.

The mayor said the council was "extremely concerned" about the incidents and spoke of "a serious and unacceptable social disruption."

Mayor Van Gijzel said it was clear that the incidents form part of a development which was set in motion by national policies regarding cannabis-selling 'coffee shops'.

At present, the sale of cannabis products in coffee shops is legal, but their supply is not. This means the shops have no choice but to buy their supplies from illegal sources, thus encouraging organised crime.

Earlier this month, the mayor said that "a substantial part" of Eindhoven's coffee shop owners have links to organised crime.

He then presented plans for better supervision of the shops' supply lines. For the time being, there is no government support for more far-reaching ideas such as controlled cannabis cultivation.



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  • Zac posted:

    on 1st December 2010, 13:46:05 - Reply

    Inevitable criminal reaction to criminalising soft drugs. Lets hope no innocent bystanders suffer as a result ot the bteath takingly stupid policy of allowing supply to be in the hands of ruthless profit seekers.