Wage discrimination often unintentional

26th January 2007, Comments 0 comments

Working group makes recommendations to eliminate wage discrepancies among social groups.

26 January 2007

AMSTERDAM – Scrap measures that make it fiscally unattractive for women to work more hours, shorten pay scales, and increase salaries for women working in care and education. These are a few of the recommendations from the working group which presented the report “Equal pay, that works” in Amsterdam on Thursday.

The working group was instructed last year to help get rid of wage inequalities between men, women, ethnic minorities, and part-time and full-time workers. The wage differences in the Netherlands are relatively high, between 20 and 30%.

Some of the discrepancies can be explained. Men often have a higher position with higher salary than women. But there remains an unexplained difference of 7%.

Research from the Committee for Equal Treatment has shown that discrimination in compensation is often unintentional and done unconsciously.

The largest group disadvantaged by the unexplained wage difference is part-time working women. There is less wage discrimination in full-time jobs, the working group said.

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