WWI submarine found off Dutch coast

16th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

The wreck of a German submarine has been discovered - and kept secret for two years - by the Dutch Navy.

The World War I vessel was uncovered during hydrographical research in October 2009 and kept secret while German authorities confirmed the identification and relatives of those killed on board were traced.

The U-boat was found by HNLMS , which was engaged in charting the sea some 40 miles north of Terschelling island. It was hoped that the unidentified object on the sea floor was Dutch submarine O-13 which went missing in June 1940, but a closer investigation revealed that the submarine was much older.

War memorial A brass ID plate on an air vessel on board the wreck identified the submarine as Germany's U-106, which sank sometime before 1918 during World War I,

A Navy spokesperson said that the submarine will not be lifted, being left on the sea bed instead and given an official war memorial status.



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