Virtual shops increasingly popular

28th August 2007, Comments 0 comments

Virtual shops increasingly popular

28 August 2007

AMSTERDAM (dpa) - As many as 60 percent of Dutch companies use the internet to make purchases for their businesses, according to a new survey released on Tuesday by the consultancy bureau Ernst and Young.

Every 2 months, Ernst and Young polls a total of 607 chief executives, managers and professionals at Dutch businesses to publish its bimonthly report on the Dutch information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

More than half of the people polled for August's report said they expect bricks-and-mortar retailers to disappear partially or completely due to the increased popularity of internet retailers.

People visit internet shops several times per week, compared to only a few times per month in August 2006.

Particularly men and people over 50 years of age find internet shopping very appealing.

Obstacles however remain high shipping costs and long delivery times.

Jacob Verschuur, CEO of the ICT department at Ernst and Young said: "It is amazing to see that internet shops do not use today's many ICT possibilities to enhance flexibility of home deliveries."

He added: "The Netherlands lags way behind compared to other countries in this respect."

Crime remains another obstacle. Half of the companies participating in the poll say they have encountered cybercrime.

Credit cards have a particularly bad reputation and are considered to be a risky payment method.

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