Video: Dutch news roundup, 26  June 2010

Video: Dutch news roundup, 26 June 2010

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Summer finally hits the Netherlands

The Dutch national football team continued its winning streak this week at the World Cup in South Africa. Last Saturday, the squad beat Japan 1-0. And on Thursday, the Netherlands beat Cameroon 2-1. The victories were a source of jubilation among Dutch football fans here at home and also in South Africa. But in Hoogeveen, the celebrations got so out of hand and the police had to arrest a large group of youngsters.

Dutch politics continued to be dominated by coalition talks that don't seem to be getting anywhere. Mediator Uri Rosenthal is chairing the negotiations. Last week, he was unable to put together a government comprised of the conservative VVD party, the Christian Democrats and Geert Wilders' anti-Islam Freedom Party. This week, Mr Rosenthal attempted to cobble together a coalition with the VVD, Labour, Green Left and the democrat party D66. But the VVD was not interested. Also an attempt to form a centrist coalition with the Christian Democrats, the VVD and Labour was shot down by Labour leader Job Cohen." type="text/javascript">

Davion Ford
Radio Netherlands

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