Video: Dutch news roundup, 23 January 2011

Video: Dutch news roundup, 23 January 2011

23rd January 2011, Comments 0 comments

This week, we look at how those famous Dutch tulips could be poisoning the population here.

We examine why the 2008 Dutch smoking ban has failed so miserably. We learn of the plight of a 18-year old mentally disabled boy whose been strapped to a wall for three years. And we report on the inhumane situation many horses in the Netherlands currently live in.

Toxic tulips

The Netherlands is known around the world for tulips. But in producing those delicate flowers the growers use quite a lot of chemicals. Many of those chemicals can potentially be harmful to humans, a disturbing reality for people who live near tulip fields. They are concerned about the chemicals which may be in the water they drink and the air the breathe.

Ignoring the ban
Back in 2008, the Dutch government outlawed smoking in restaurants, bars, cafés and hotels. But that ban has never been popular and many of these establishments have been flouting the law. Some smaller bars and cafés complained the ban would put them out of business so they simply put the ashtrays back on the table. And this has led larger bars to follow suit. So the question remains, why smoking bans have worked in other countries but not here?

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