Verdonk’s political party site forced to close

8th April 2008, Comments 0 comments

The former immigration minster’s approach to use her interactive site as a political platform backfires as users post offensive remarks.

8 April 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - The NRC Handelsblad reports that right-wing firebrand Rita Verdonk who launched her new political party, Proud of the Netherlands, on Thursday has been forced to close down its interactive website.

She touted her party as rejecting the old political set-up and called on ordinary people to use the website to talk about political issues and suggest policies.

However, a website manager says: "There were too many hits. Opposing views are welcome, but this was total nonsense: abuse, filthy photos. So Rita decided to close the site for a time."

The offensive contributions have been removed but others remain. For example, under "Suggestions for Issues", there are ideas such as: free haemorrhoid cream, shuffleboard as an Olympic sport and a ban on single beds because they cause loneliness and low birth rates.

[Radio Netherlands / Mike Wilcox / Expatica]

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