Van der Sar glad its all over

29th May 2011, Comments 0 comments

After Manchester United’s seemingly inevitable 1-3 defeat against Barcelona in the Champions League final, Dutch goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar makes a resigned impression. “I’m glad it’s all over, especially after this match”, sighs the 40-year-old goalie after finishing the last game of his impressive career at Wembley.

He “feels very funny”, Van der Sar tells Dutch reporters afterwards. “Here you are, after a full 90 minutes. I wish I could have felt differently, but it was not to be. But you have to admit Barcelona are a very good team.”

In fact, he is only happy about the first 15 minutes, during which Manchester was able to set the pace. “Perhaps we should have slowed down after that, wait for them to come and then counter”, he ventures. "After half-time, we got tired and Barcelona were able to strike back, as we usually do in the Premier League. Now we were the losing side.”

Going back home On the pitch Van der Sar’s departure was muted. Coach Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t even deign to shake hands. “He did later in the changing room”, he assures. “No, not much was said. Everyone was disappointed. What can you say? Two weeks ago I suddenly realised these were my last matches. By focusing purely on football I got through this period alright.”

In the near future Van der Sar and his family want to move back to Holland. “That’s certainly the idea. I also want to get a qualification as a coach there and perhaps train youth teams once in a while. But I also want to explore other aspects of life. I’ve been involved in professional football for 21 years. And I loved it all the way, otherwise you don’t keep it up. But a free weekend once in a while now seems quite alluring too.”

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