Van Vollenhoven: not only ring, also intervene

27th October 2006, Comments 0 comments

Heroics and help for victims of violent crime, would you lend a helping hand?

27 October 2006
THE HAGUE - The government recommendation to citizens to ring 112 for violent indictable offences is not sufficient and too passive. The public must also be called upon to intervene if that is possible.

Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven argued this Friday during the symposium ‘Is heroic courage in our blood?’ held in The Hague.

Van Vollenhoven, as chairman of the foundation Society, Security and Police and a speaker at the symposium, doubts that “heroic courage is in our blood."According to him for many people there exists obscurity concerning what, however, you can and can not do if you are a witness to a violent crime.

“Taking your own responsibility for security has long been advised against by the government, because the security was considered as a task of the government only."

Van Vollenhovens foundation hopes to soon come up with proposals to stimulate that people will once again want to offer a helping hand.

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