Upper income level for social housing should be raised: Labour

Upper income level for social housing should be raised: Labour

19th November 2013, Comments 2 comments

The ruling Labour party wants to raise the current €34,000 income level for rent-controlled housing to €43,000, Trouw reports.

Their coalition partner, the Liberal VVD, is against the plan, which will be discussed in parliament on Tuesday during the housing debate.

Labour wants people earning between €34,000 and €43,000 to qualify for rent-controlled housing because they earn too little to afford privately rented accommodation. Rent controls apply to properties costing less than €681 a month.

According to Labour MP Jacques Monasch, raising the income limit would improve the movement within the social housing sector. However, more homes would need to be built in the private sector, he said.

VVD MP Barbara Visser is against the plan. 'For the low-paid the situation would become more difficult, with longer waiting lists,' she said.

Labour also wants first-time buyers to be given a five-year rental contract. It would then be possible during that period to determine if the tenant had a right to a rent-controlled home based on what is on offer in the private sector and the tenant's income.

Earlier this year, corporations and private landlords were given the right to increase the rent of tenants in rent-controlled accommodation and earning €33,000 to €43,000 by 4.5% and by 6% for those earning more than €43,000.

The aim is to encourage higher earners to leave the rent-controlled sector for the private sector or to buy their own home.

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  • John posted:

    on 20th November 2013, 08:19:35 - Reply

    which is precisely the reason why NOBODY should invest in Dutch real estate. It is THE most dangerous investment. A phd thesis done by a Dutch, swedish and HK chinese, found that regulations on Dutch real estate have been found to be more communist than housing ever was in the PRC in the eighties! The biggest purchase of your life time (a house) can be stolen in a blink of an eye, by a squatter, and the Dutch judicial system is on the Squatter's side. Don't say, i didn't warn the Expats community. This is how the Dutch government, leaves housing of the poor to be financed by expats, rather than arranging for housing built by government. Every year, thousands of expats fall pray to the Dutch system and find their homes, to deemed for LIFE as a home for a poor squatter: and nobody, nobody whatsoever will help such expat free up his home, not even if the squatter isn't paying the rent to cover mortgage fees. You have been warned of the Dutch government's 'thief' role.
  • Uno Itstrue posted:

    on 19th November 2013, 18:27:00 - Reply

    This whole social housing thing is ridiculously unfair, it was only a matter of time before this reached a head. Those 'lucky' few who have arranged a social housing house or appartment never leave them, they squat their indefinately regardless of their changing incomes and circumstances. We all know people who should have been moved out ages ago to free them for the genuine cases.