University of Twente refuses Iranians

2nd January 2008, Comments 0 comments

University cannot guarantee that students will not come into contact with nuclear technology.

2 January 2008

ENSCHEDE – The University of Twente refused three Iranians who had applied to study at the institution in December 2007. A spokesperson for the university confirmed reports on this in Trouw on Wednesday.

The spokesperson said that the refusal was due to tightened policy from the ministries of foreign affairs and education to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear know-how.

The University of Twente reports that since the end of last year the national government requires the country’s three technical universities to issue a guarantee statement to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) if they admit students from Iran.

The universities must guarantee in the declaration that the students will not come into contact with nuclear technology. The University of Twente said it was unable to guarantee this and has since been refusing applications from Iranians.

A spokesperson said that the study specialisation chosen by the Iranians makes no difference. “A psychology student can also walk around freely in our buildings, without us being able to check the movements of this person,” he said.

Five Iranian students accepted by the university before the government’s policy came into effect are being allowed to finish their studies.

The TU Delft has not yet refused any students on these grounds, the university said on Wednesday. A spokesperson says that the university takes into account the chosen degree programme when evaluating applications from Iranians.

Unlike at Twente, Iranian students are not turned away by definition in Delft. The spokesperson estimates that about 10 Iranians have been admitted to the TU in the past.

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