Ukrainian oligarchs have tried to remove cash held in Holland: minister

6th March 2014, Comments 4 comments

Ukrainian oligarchs have over the past few weeks tried to remove money which they have stashed in Dutch financial institutions, finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem told parliament on Wednesday evening.

Various reports of 'unusual transactions' have been made to the Financial Intelligence Unit, Dijsselbloem is quoted as saying by broadcaster Nos.

The minister refused to say how many reports had been made or what was done with them, Nos television reported.

Banks are required by law to report potential transactions which they have their doubts about to the authorities.

However, payments and transfers can be stopped by the authorities if they are considered suspect, Dijssselbloem told MPs.

18 Ukrainians

The European Union on Thursday froze the bank accounts of 18 Ukrainian government officials, including the ousted president Viktor Yanukovich.

Switzerland and Austria have also drawn up a black list.

MPs urged the cabinet to establish if Ukrainian cash held in the Netherlands is the proceeds of corruption or other criminal offences.

If so, that money should be sequestered, a majority of MPs said.

EU aid

Parliament also agreed on Wednesday evening to support an EU decision to give EUR 11 billion in aid to Ukraine in an effort to stabilise its finances.

However, there should be strict conditions attached to the money, MPs said.

'It must not be a blank cheque,' VVD parliamentarian Han ten Broeke said.

The anti-immigration PVV and the Socialist Party SP opposed the loan.

The Christian Democrats also said that while Ukraine merits support from the EU, it would be unwise to give the country a lot of money in the present situation.



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  • Bruce posted:

    on 7th March 2014, 13:12:32 - Reply

    Ukraine will be enslaved by means of the the 11 billion 'aid' and will then be forced to sell off the best state assets to the international asset strippers. That's how it normally works.
  • Hozh posted:

    on 7th March 2014, 10:53:22 - Reply

    To Rich : EU can never be trusted. They have a financial intelligence unit, can you believe that?

    In Ukraine , what is happening is EU wants its gas that Ukrainians are unlawfully standing upon and the US wants to show its muscle to Russia. That is all.

    You have a beautiful mind Rich, I am happy people like you still exist on this planet and not yet spoiled by fake 'freedoms' such as an abnormal life style advertised as holy...
  • Rich posted:

    on 6th March 2014, 17:25:57 - Reply

    It shows again and again: the EU can not be trusted with one's money. Just like Cyprus showed the world, and the bail-in vote from EU against its own citizens.
    An elected president's money is blocked - i'm speechless!

    Shall we, with a minority, go stand on the Dam and then oust Wilders as an elected MP and request to block his money if he has any parked outside EU? would that be accepted by the almighty 'west' then?

    I would trade freedom of speech, drugs, gay lifestyle anytime of the day, in order to get real freedom, like ECONOMIC/TAX FREEDOM and PRIVACY. The west is turning into a sick place. Right now, only the swiss have a real democracy and a fair tax policy which doesn't tax the same (!!) earned euro up to 4 times (wage tax, bank balance tax, vat, investment/dividend tax if you own shares in your own company (aanmerkelijk belang) even when you haven't declared a dividend YET, and.. inheritance tax when you actually manage to leave a few cents before dying)
  • Roland posted:

    on 6th March 2014, 14:33:20 - Reply

    The CU has the only sensible mindset. The rest are making knee-jerk decisions that can only come back to haunt them. Wait and see. History has to repeat itself again and again before governments can even begin to pause before jumping to those kind of decisions. But realistically with the EU's mandate of all-countries-must-agree-vote the jumping is merely for show.