Tutti frutti may be Dutch new term for football

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The odd term is coined by Dutch football legend and all-round guru Johan Cruijff in a TV interview earlier this week.

12 June 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - In the seventies it was, of course, Total Football but what of the noughties? In 2008 it seems the Dutch may have a new name for the brand of exuberant football that saw them wallop World Champions Italy 3-0.

It's Tutti frutti.

The odd name came from the master of the odd, Dutch football legend and all-round guru Johan Cruijff who came up with the term earlier this week during a TV interview which has been pinging around the internet ever since.

He said: " Zet er één in de spits en maak er wat tuttifrutti van" (Put one up front and turn it into tutti frutti) - which does not make sense before or after translation.

Apparently Cruijff was waxing lyrical about the merits of using one striker and having midfielders attacking in waves, maybe - perhaps, nobody knows for sure, but it sounds good.

Tutti frutti as in the Little Richard song, you know: "Awop-bop-a-loo-mop alop-bam-boom!" does seem quite fitting though, especially if the Dutch do to the French what they did to the Italians.

Cruijff is a master of the enigmatic - here are some classics from the man once nicknamed "Pythagoras in boots".

Sometimes something's got to happen before something is going to happen.
Soccer is simple, but it is difficult to play simple.
Every disadvantage has its advantage.
Coincidence is logical.
I don't believe in God, in Spain all 22 players cross themselves, if it works the game is always going to be a tie.

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