Turkish President calls Wilders Islamophobe

14th April 2012, Comments 6 comments

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has called Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders an islamophobe. In an interview with Dutch mass-circulation daily De Telegraaf, President Gül said Mr Wilders represents an extreme voice, which feeds radicals.”

He continued, saying because of Wilders “a negative us-against-them climate is developing in the whole of Europe, which is laying the foundation for ethnic religious discrimination.” Nevertheless, the president said he would shake the hand of the leader of the anti-Islam party if he met him.

President Gül is in the Netherlands on a three-day trip in the coming week to mark 400 years of relations between Turkey and the Netherlands at the invitation of the Dutch government.

A number of months ago, Mr Wilders said President Gül was not welcome in the Netherlands as far as he was concerned. In 2010, Turkey decided not to receive a parliamentary delegation which included Wilders. At the time, a Turkish spokesperson said that Wilders was “such a fascist that besides in Turkey, he would not be welcome in other European capitals.”

In response, Geert Wilders has indicated that President Gül’s comments do not bother him. “Turkish humour: Christian-teaser, Kurd-basher, Hamas-friend and Islamist Gül complaining about tolerance.”

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  • CW posted:

    on 29th April 2012, 15:21:00 - Reply

    Thank you, Andrea, for the comment based on common sense rather than fear.
  • Andrea posted:

    on 18th April 2012, 13:28:49 - Reply

    I don't know what all the commenters here get their info from but I am guessing Pamella Geller.
    First of all there is no Islam as a whole just as there is no Christianity. Baptists are not the same as Catholics, no matter how much you might try to put it all under a "Christian values" umbrella. Muslims are also humans (breaking news!) and their groups follow the same patterns as any other human groups: divisions and different interpretations of texts. Second, much of the criticism here towards "Islam" can be as well used towards the fundamentalist Christians, particularly in the US (anti-gay, banning books from schools, no secular education, anti science, deciding over other people's bodies, etc.). For me they are no different than Muslim fundamentalists.
    You might put a different dress on a monkey but it is still a monkey :P
  • zoolady posted:

    on 18th April 2012, 12:55:19 - Reply

    Geert Wilders tells the truth as he sees it. I believe he's correct but, even if I disagreed, I'd still support his right to an opinion. Islam is afraid of freedoms of speech, thought, artistic expression and women's rights.
    It's pathetic.
  • charles martel posted:

    on 15th April 2012, 18:04:29 - Reply

    islam is much worse than naziism by a thousand fold. but the word islamophobe is a bs word, we are not afraid of islam, but we know islam is evil to the core.
  • Newspaniard posted:

    on 15th April 2012, 16:38:24 - Reply

    As "islamophobe" was invented as a shut up word by the terrorist, muslim brotherhood, I'm not surprised that this islamofascist used it.
  • sobieski posted:

    on 15th April 2012, 10:41:06 - Reply

    and gul is an islamonazi.....islam macht frei!