Turkey announces sanctions against France over genocide bill

22nd December 2011, Comments 1 comment

Turkey has announced sanctions against France over a bill making it a crime to deny that Ottoman Turks committed genocide against Armenians. Ankara is set to withdraw its ambassador to Paris, alongside other measures.

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  • Ozkan Huvaz posted:

    on 25th December 2011, 13:46:14 - Reply

    In 1915, the Ottoman Empire (Current Turkey??) was under the invasion of French, British, Greek, Armenian... forces. Ottoman archives are open for historians. If you read those, you can tell terrible things happened for both sides. But I could not convince my self to call it "G word" with the available evidence. I want to read Armenian Archives as well but they are closed, so no idea.

    Even all happened, despite I can't find enough evidence to call it the "G word", what ever you call it, terrible events or something else, I want to know "WHY DOES FRANCE BAN ME FROM DISCUSSING A HISTORICAL EVENT BY LAW? WHY I WILL BE ARRESTED FOR 1 YEAR 48,000EUR FINED IF I TALK ABOUT THAT EVENT?" Where is the France that has made Revolutions, where is the "RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH", where are the "HUMAN RIGHTS". France is betraying its own history of Renascence.

    History should be concluded by HISTORIANS, not POLITICIANS.

    During those terrible events of 1915, there were Armenian ministers and plenty of Armenian government workers who continued their duties in the Ottoman Empire during this period. In the 19th century, twenty-nine Armenians were granted the highest military-governmental rank of Pasha (General). There were twenty-two Armenian ministers in Ottoman Administration, including the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Treasury, Trade and Post, with other Armenians holding high positions at the departments in charge of agriculture, economic development, and the census. There also were thirty-three Armenian representatives appointed and elected to the Ottoman Parliament, seven ambassadors, eleven consuls-general and consuls, eleven university professors, and forty-one other officials of high rank.
    DOES THIS MAKE SENSE IF OTTOMANS WERE TRYING TO EXTINCT ARMENIANS? Were there any Jews working for German government during Hitler Germany?

    Coming to the Sanctions on France: I don't get how France ventures the idea of losing a G20 country, talking about 19 Billion USD trade, at those times of heavy depression, particularly knowing the fact that Turkey enjoys 8%, highest economical growth of the World, while rest of the Europe is in deep economical crises. This will effect both sides tremendously, but France more deeply (e.g. Turkish Airlines may buy planes from Boing, or let Russians build Nuclear plants ect.). The question is, who is gonna benefit from 100 Billion USD of energy bid rounds in the next 5-10 years? Probably not the France!