Thief hurt in latest supermarket violence

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28 October 2004, AMSTERDAM — Employees at an Albert Heijn supermarket in Amsterdam have once again been involved in a violent confrontation with a knife-wielding thief.

28 October 2004

AMSTERDAM — Employees at an Albert Heijn supermarket in Amsterdam have once again been involved in a violent confrontation with a knife-wielding thief.

This time only the shoplifter was arrested.

Amsterdam television station AT5 reported a 40-year-old man tried to steal a bottle of wine from the store on the Eerste van Swindenstraat, but was stopped by employees of the supermarket.

The man allegedly returned later with a knife. But he came off worst as one of the staff members threw a stone at his head. The alleged thief suffered a minor cut.

The man was arrested when the police arrived.

Police said the situation could not be compared to two previous incidents when staff members were arrested after physical confrontations with members of the public.

Two of the branch's employees and two customers were arrested in November 2003 after they allegedly came to blows in the Albert Heijn. All were later released without charge.

One of the staff members in that case was one of two branch employees arrested following another controversial incident in 2002 involving a shoplifter armed with a knife.

He threatened them with the knife after they chased him out of the store.

The thief was overpowered and put in handcuffs by the police. One of the supermarket staff members then punched the thief on the nose, allegedly breaking it.

The decision to prosecute the two Albert Heijn workers caused a public outcry and Prince Bernhard, the 93-year-old father of Queen Beatrix, offered to pay any fine imposed on them. He subsequently picked up the tab for the EUR 300 fine one of the men had to pay.

The two workers were again controversially arrested in June 2003, again for allegedly roughing up a person suspected of shoplifting. They were released without prosecution.

Other incidents of supermarket violence culminated in the death of German drug addict Anja Joos in October 2003 outside the Dirk van den Broek supermarket in the Pijp district of Amsterdam.

She had been ordered out of the store after being incorrectly accused of shoplifting. She was set upon outside by a group of young men and kicked to death after shouting racist abuse in the direction of the supermarket.

Last week in Rotterdam, a woman employee of a supermarket was shot in the neck and seriously injured by an alleged thief in the manager's office.

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