The bishop of Rotterdam criticises pope

2nd February 2009, Comments 1 comment

The chair of the Dutch Roman Catholic Bishops' Conference, Ad van Luyn, has described the rehabilitation of the British bishop, Richard Williamson, as a disaster.

AMSTERDAM-- The British bishop denies that the Nazis employed gas chambers, and says just 300,000 Jews, rather than about six million, were murdered in the Second World War.

Speaking on Dutch television, Bishop van Luyn called Bishop Williamson's statements shocking, contrary to historical fact and against the spirit of the Second Vatican Council. He believes the pope is not familiar with the statements. Pope Benedict XVI recently welcomed Mr Williamson and three other arch-conservative bishops back into the Roman Catholic Church.

Radio Netherlands/ Expatica

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  • mr. haze posted:

    on 2nd February 2009, 11:46:20 - Reply

    new pope should be ashamed of himself, what is he thinking and who is advising him on such matters.