The Orange Carpet visa facilitation for business purposes

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The Netherlands has implemented a special visa procedure due to the focus of facilitating companies doing business in and with the Netherlands.

With the Orange Carpet visa procedure the Netherlands is keen to facilitate employees of foreign businesses with a business focused Schengen visa issuance. Key advantages of the Orange Carpet visa procedure are:

  • There is no necessity to make an appointment.
  • No personal appearance needed (until introduction of biometrical fingerprints). However, we reserve the right to invite an applicant should questions arise.
  • Long term multiple entry visa will be issued if requirements are met.
  • The Orange Carpet visa procedure is applicable for all employees (and their families).

Please note:This facility is only applicable for the employees working at your company and their families who travel to the Netherlands for (business) purposes and have the Netherlands as main destination.

To check if your company is eligible, please contact our visa department at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London. In your email, please state the name and address of the company you are working.

Business friendly permit procedures in the Netherlands

Expeditious immigration procedures; a no-strings-attached selection based only on a relatively low income requirement; and an attractive country of residence make the Netherlands one of the most desirable destinations in Europe for highly-skilled workers, investors and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, Dutch governmental organization, the NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency), can offer free, confidential and up-to-date immigration advice.

It goes without saying that the immigration policies of a country are an essential consideration for potential investors and companies when choosing a new business location. In Europe, the terms and conditions of entry for highly-skilled knowledge migrants can vary considerably from country to country and are often in flux as governments come and go. The Netherlands, however, prides itself on offering a consistently favourable, competitive and expeditious immigration regime for highly-skilled, third-country nationals compared to many of its European counterparts. / Expatica

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