The Netherlands offers opt out clause to health insurance objectors

27th November 2012, Comments 1 comment

Some 11,000 people in the Netherlands do not have health insurance on principle, mainly very strict Protestants who oppose all forms of insurance, news agency ANP reported on Tuesday.

Basic health insurance is required by law in the Netherlands.

Some members of the reformed Protestant churches oppose intervention in health issues, including vaccinations, because they believe their life is in God's hands.

Objectors can apply to the social insurance bank for an exemption and pay the equivalent amount – around €100 per adult a month - in extra tax.

The Netherlands is the only country in Europe to offer a get-out clause to religious groups.


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  • Marco Derdiyok posted:

    on 27th November 2012, 23:45:19 - Reply

    An important aspect we are all missing out on is lack of awareness in the minds of people as well when it comes to insurance and the benefits the policy can cater to them which needs to be imbibed in them considering the long term benefits insurance can help in.

    Yes emotional prejudices might overrule, but a proper awareness and a solid marketing strategy can create wonders both in minds of people and the policy the providers have in mind .

    And to do this better what best to help than insurance aggregator sites which should take due care to display the benefits of the policy which various providers have in offering along with value propositions which will make the audience more streamlined and get the insurance industry back in swivel again.