The Netherlands gets ready for floods as river water levels rise

4th June 2013, Comments 0 comments

Flood plains along the banks of the Rhine and other major rivers are expected to be under water in places later this week as very heavy rains in Germany have an effect in the Netherlands.

The water in the Rhine at Lobith, where the river crosses into the Netherlands, is expected to reach 13.55 metres above NAP in the coming days. NAP is the base used to measure how high or low water levels are.

A river level of 13.55 metres is considered high but not worrying.


However it does mean flood plains along the river which are being used as campsites or for livestock will have to be cleared. Land owners have already been warned that high water is on its way and that dams are being opened, ANP said.

A number of small foot passenger ferries used to cross some rivers have also been taken out of action. This means walkers and school children face considerable detours.

The heavy rain has caused serious flooding in parts of central Europe and several people have been killed. Emergency operations are under way in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic to deal with record levels of flooding in some places, the BBC reported.


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